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If you plan to hunt from an elevated stand, your practice should include shooting from this position. Depending on the size of your practice area, you may be able to use a tree within that area. Practicing also helps condition the muscles you use when climbing.

  • Practice with the tree stand or elevated stand you will use when hunting.
  • Use proper safety techniques and stands that are manufactured (or certified or tested) to industry standards.
  • Wear and know how to properly use a fall-arrest system (FAS) that is manufactured to industry standards each time you climb into or out of a tree stand or when installing the tree stand.
  • Cock the crossbow at the base of the tree or stand—but do not load an arrow—and then tie it to your haul line so that the haul line is away from the trigger.
  • Once you are securely in the stand, pull up the crossbow and load it.
  • After you make a shot:
    • You may cock the crossbow in the stand only if you have a cocking device that does not require you to lean over to cock the bow.
    • If you do not have a cocking device, you must lower the crossbow with your haul line, cock it on the ground, and haul it back to the stand.
    • Never lean over to cock a crossbow in an elevated stand.

More on Cocking a Crossbow

In a tower-style elevated stand, you may be able to cock a crossbow safely once you are securely in the stand. Always use caution when attempting to cock a crossbow when you are in any type of elevated stand even with the use of a cocking device.

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