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Once the broadhead is screwed into the arrow shaft, the arrow should be spun to check for concentricity.

  • Place the tip of the broadhead on a solid surface, circle the shaft loosely with the thumb and index finger of one hand, and spin the shaft with the other.
  • Closely watch the collar of the insert where the broadhead is screwed into the arrow.
  • If the broadhead spins true like a top, it will fly true.
  • If there is a wobble, the broadhead must be correctly aligned before the arrow will fly true.
  • The easiest correction is to add a small, rubber O-ring the same size as the outside diameter of the broadhead ferrule (body). By firmly tightening the broadhead with a broadhead wrench, the wobble should be corrected.

If you have alignment problems with broadheads or if you notice the arrows are not flying true, your local archery pro shop can help solve the problem.

Spin arrows to check for concentricity.

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