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Federal Funds

The Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, popularly known as the Pittman–Robertson Act, was approved by Congress in 1937. The act provides funding for the selection, restoration, and improvement of wildlife habitat and for wildlife management research. Funds for the act come from the excise taxes the U.S. government charges on sporting arms, ammunition, handguns, crossbows, and archery equipment. These fees collected from the firearm, archery, and crossbow manufacturers then are distributed to the states (similar practices exist in Canada and Mexico).

State and Provincial/Territorial Funds

States and provinces also collect their own fees through such sources as hunting license sales, conservation stamps, fines, and arrests.


Money also comes from corporations and private donations. Many times this is utilized to fund special training aids or to help specific education programs.

Student Fees

And, of course, some funds come directly from students who attend education classes.

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