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Knowing the different colors, lengths, and textures of hair on a white-tailed deer can help you determine where you hit the animal when you examine your arrow or when you find hair at the hit site.

  • Back hair is long, dark (often black-tipped), and coarse.
  • Neck hair is like short back hair except it is light-colored on the front of the neck.
  • Brisket hair is very dark and is twisted near the junction of the neck and the body.
  • Side hair is short and brown with dark tips.
  • Bottom of the rib cage is a mixture of white and dark brown hair that is straight, moderately long, and thick.
  • Belly hair tends to be white, long, fine, and sometimes twisted.
  • Tail hair is very long.
  • Hair on top of the tail is dark brown tipped with black.
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