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Most crossbow manufacturers include a sight system with every crossbow they produce.

  • Three types of sight systems are the red dot, scope, and peep/pin.
  • All types of sights should be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions that are included with your crossbow.
  • Most manufacturers also sell sight systems as a separate accessory. You might want to purchase one of these if:
    • A sight system is not included with your crossbow or...
    • You prefer a different type of sight system from the one included with your crossbow.

Red Dot Sight: Most crossbow manufacturers offer mounts for scope or red dot style sights.

Red dot sight

Scope Sight: Most crossbow manufacturers offer scopes that are specifically designed to match the ballistic performance and vibration of a crossbow.

Scope sight

Peep/Pin Sight: This sight system includes a rear sight "peep" with a blade and pin front sight.

Crossbow peep sight
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