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As you develop your own personal code for ethical behavior, consider including these statements from the Crossbow Hunter’s Code of Ethics.

Before I hunt with my crossbow for the first time and every time I go crossbow hunting, I realize that my actions reflect upon all others in the family of hunters. I accept that there are ethical standards that I must adhere to and I shall:

  • Know my limitations and the limitations of the crossbow.
  • Never practice or hunt with my crossbow while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Never carry my crossbow cocked and loaded with an arrow.
  • Always make sure my crossbow is sighted-in before hunting.
  • Always practice with and tune my broadheads to my arrows.
  • Always use the manufacturer’s recommended arrow weights.
  • Obey all regulations concerning the harvest of wildlife.
  • Never hunt without permission.
  • Respect the rights of the landowner and other hunters.
  • Know as much about the animal I pursue as possible.
  • Always use a full-body harness at all times when hunting from an elevated stand, including getting into and climbing down from an elevated stand.
  • Always THINK before I shoot.
  • Make every effort to recover the animal shot.
  • Utilize or assure the utilization of the meat of my harvest.
A balancing act: personal ethics - the words wrong and right are featured on a scale
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