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  • Any 3D target will effectively stop a crossbow arrow.
    • With cube-style or 3D animal targets, it is important to pull the arrow straight out of the target.
      • If the arrow is not pulled straight out, you might bend the shaft. An arrow that is even slightly bent will not fly true.
      • A small amount of lightweight lubricant applied to the arrow’s shaft will make it easier to pull the arrow from the target.
    • Avoid contact with the broadhead blades.
    • If you choose to pull the arrow through the target, remove the broadhead with a broadhead wrench, if possible, before pulling the arrow.
    • Any target approved for broadheads will work for crossbow arrows tipped with broadheads.
  • A bag-type target stuffed with cotton, old clothes, netting, or any other substance that absorbs energy is ideal for field point or practice tip shooting.
    • Bag targets offer the easiest arrow removal.
    • Do not shoot broadhead-tipped arrows into this style of target.
  • Bowhunter practice targets

    Practice with targets to improve your accuracy.

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