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Red Dot Sight System

With the red dot sight system, the red dot should be centered in the tube of the sight and held on the center of the target.

View through a crossbow red dot sight

View through a red dot multi-range sight system

Scope Sight

With a scope sight with single crosshairs, the intersection of the vertical and horizontal crosshairs should be placed over the center of the target.

With a scope sight with multiple-range crosshairs, the top crosshair (usually darker than the lower ones) will be utilized as the “zero to 20 yards” crosshair. This crosshair is used to “zero” the arrow into the center of the target with the scope’s windage and elevation adjustments.

View through a crossbow scope sight

View through a multi-range scope with a crosshair reticle

Peep Sight

With a peep sight, the little ball on the pin should be held on the center of the target and in the center of the peep.

Crossbow peep sight

View through a peep/pin sight system—pins for other ranges are hidden behind the rear sight

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