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The user-friendly design of the crossbow makes it an effective recruitment and retention tool for hunters.

  • With the help of a capable individual or with the aid of cocking devices and the proper instruction, first-time users can expect to start shooting tight arrow groups relatively quickly. The confidence that rapidly develops when students consistently hit where they aim makes the crossbow a very effective recruitment tool. This is especially true for youth, women, people with physical disabilities, and others who are unable to develop overall shooting confidence and/or the physical strength necessary for other archery equipment.
  • A crossbow can be an effective hunter retention tool for older, less physically capable hunters because it allows them to extend their hunting years.
  • A crossbow also has certain advantages over firearms and conventional bows.
    • Compared to a firearm, a crossbow is quieter and can be used near more populated areas.
    • Compared to a conventional bow, a crossbow can be drawn before quarry is present and can be shot from a rest.
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