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  • If you have a tree stand that was manufactured by a company that is no longer in business, destroy it.
  • Each season, before use, thoroughly inspect tree stands for defects, missing parts, weaknesses, or excessive wear.
    • Be sure to read and re-read all instructions and warnings provided by the manufacturer.
    • Be sure all bolts are tightened.
    • If you discover frayed ropes, straps, or worn chains, contact the tree stand manufacturer for replacement parts.
  • When needed, paint a stand with rust-proof paint, and apply it well before the season starts to allow time for the new paint smell to diminish.
  • Test stands for squeaks or noises, and lubricate them with graphite powder, vegetable oil, or other odorless oils.
  • Use coarse grid strips to improve traction on stand surfaces.
  • If you leave a stand for any length of time, especially on public lands, use a padlock and chain to prevent theft.
  • Never loan your tree stand or allow anyone to use your tree stand unless they read all warnings and instructions and you can teach them how to use it properly with a fall-arrest system.
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