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Crossbow hunting is about more than the pursuit or killing of game. Even though providing meat for the table is a satisfying feat, there are many more benefits.

  • Wildlife Management: Crossbow hunting, like archery and other forms of hunting, can be an effective wildlife management tool used to promote the growth of healthy animal populations and improve habitats, especially in areas overpopulated with wildlife and in places where modern firearms are restricted.
  • Recreation: Hunting provides outdoor activities for millions of Americans.
  • Economic: Hunters contribute more than $13 billion per year to retail sales.
  • Aesthetic: Hunting experiences in the outdoors can be deeply satisfying.
  • Education: Hunting can provide a lifetime of learning experiences.
  • History: Hunting can offer insights into history, cultural traditions, and the hunting heritage.
  • Social: Hunting brings together people of all abilities and backgrounds.
  • Theraputic: Hunting offers an escape from the fast-paced and stressful demands of modern life.
  • Health: Wild game meat is healthier than domestic meat raised for human consumption. Target shooting can also provide year-round activities for individuals and families.
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