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For wet weather conditions, several types of waterproof or water-repellent garments are available.

  • Coated nylon or plastic is certainly waterproof, but it will not let perspiration escape. It won’t be long before the inside of your rain gear is wet from condensed perspiration.
  • Although it’s more expensive, rain gear with a breathable membrane, such as Gore-Tex, is a better choice. It prevents rain from entering the garment but allows perspiration vapor to pass through to the outside. Another advantage is that the fabrics are available in camouflage with soft-nap finishes that reduce noise. Hats and gloves are also available.
  • A traditional poncho is a poor choice. It’s nearly impossible to shoot while wearing this type of garment.
  • Quality rain gear may be expensive, but it’s money well spent if it keeps you comfortable during long hours of waiting on a stand.
Hunter dressed in rain gear
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